Mr Gammon and Commercial Styling.

Mr Gammon, Costume Designer has created the Commercial Styling Collective as a fresh way to wardrobe your advertising campaigns and short form projects in an efficient, budget conscious and sustainable way.

The Commercial Styling Collective is here for all your styling needs. From moodboarding, prepping, fitting your cast, to being on set. We are here for you every step of the creative process to costume design your script for the best looking film. 

The journey to signed off wardrobe is a pain free and joyful experience.

Mr Gammon, Costume Designer

Mr Gammon

Mr Gammon has came up with idea behind Commercial Styling Collective. Utilising his extensive stock and costume collection that he has built up over his career. 

The stock covers the best in the ordinary, the filmic and the everyday. Contemporary wardrobe, officewear,  streetstyle and beyond. The idea to present his stock for campaigns with a top styling team attached. Sustainable and Budget friendly and Covid Savvy.

 Nominated and Winning British Arrow Craft Awards  for best costume design for campaigns for Squarespace, Coca Cola and Guniness. Job’s a gift.

Although he is known for the otherworldly  and the usual, Mr Gammon knows that his skill  set is also perfect for managing clients and campaigns for all sorts of treatments.The idea behind Commercial Styling Collective is simply one of celebrating the craft of even the most conservative and modest of filmmaking and concepts. Natural looking costume design. Which as he declares still needs to be considered, crafted and beautifully put together.There are many adverts that Mr G has styled that fit CSC’s remit.These clients include Ikea, Volkswagen, Dreamies, Holiday Inn, Confused.com, Tango & Jackpot joy and thats just in 2019.


The Costume Collection is Sustainable therefore Budget Conscious.

Here the collection of costumes has been built up over twenty five years of designing film, tv and commercials. There’s a lot of great stuff at CSC. Its filmic and touches on many styles. Its greener and more sustainable to use the collection for options on wardrobe for cast members. And because its greener its better for your budget as there are less purchases to be made and only a reasonable rental cost to consider.



Photographing the Fitting like a Stills Shoot
With an option to arrange fittings at the studio, we mount the shoot like a photo shoot, lighting and arranging a colorama to help ‘sell’ in the costume and wardrobe styling.

Covid 19 – Costume Department 

Since the outbreak, Mr Gammon and his team has already prepped and shot during the lockdown and has learnt a good method of running the costume department during this current Coronavirus period. Based on guidelines given by both BECTU and APA, here at Commercial Styling Collective we have devised a process that’s safe and effective to minimise risk to cast and crew through wardrobe.

Depending on whether garments are purchases, rentals, our stock or prop style costumes. The method of prep to be Covid 19 safe can vary greatly. Our process includes laundry, steaming, PPE kit, holding garments for 72 hours, as well as strict labelling and bagging of outfits and options.

For more forensic details of these methods, please contact us and we can go through our process.


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